Blue Stilton

Colston Basset Stilton is known as the King of Cheeses and when you taste Colston Bassett’s version you understand why. Creamy in texture, the blue is strong and salty while the cheese has a mellow aromatic finish. (Cow, pasteurised)



Supremely good Spanish ewe’s milk cheese, the recipe having been perfected over several centuries. This is traditionally served with sweet quince paste and the combination of the two is sublime. (Ewe, unpasteurised)



A semi-soft Irish cheese with a delicious nutty, herby flavour. Made in Coomkeen, Co.Cork. (Cow, pasteurised)


Crottin Chavignol Fermier

This Crottin is from one of the few fermier or farmhouse producers within the AOC boundaries, strong and firm with a full nutty flavour. (Goat, unpasteurised)



A remarkable- looking cheese with a rich, nutty almost caramel flavour and a bright orange colour. Matured for 2 years this is great as shavings in a salad. (Cow, unpasteurised)


Isle of Mull Cheddar

A Scottish version of Somerset-style cheddar with a fruity, sharp and very tangy flavour. (Cow, unpasteurised)


St Felicien Cremier Ceramic

This is a lovely soft, runny cheese from the Rhone-Alpes region of France. Fantastic when heated in the oven and then served on crusty bread, perhaps with a Sancere wine or a Pouilly Fume.(Cow, unpasteurised)



The classic French blue cheese. Fantastic melted in a sauce and poured liberally over vegetable dishes. Also great with a sweet quince paste and oatckes. Strong with a wonderful piquant flavour. (Sheep, unpasteurised)


Raclette Savoie

Lovely French cheese ideal for melting – traditionally accompanies boiled potatoes, gherkins and charcuterie, but is just as delicious with bread. (Cow, unpasteurised)


Valdeon Queso Azul

Wonderful, full-flavoured blue cheese from Spain that’s spicy with a creamy finish; this is the Spanish equivalent of Stilton and it compares very favourably. (Mixed, unpasteurised)



One of the finest cheeses from Ireland; it is a delicious, semi-soft cheese made by Mary Burns on her family farm in Co. Cork. Buttery, tangy but smooth, fantastic either plain or smoked. (Cow, pasteurised)


Selles Sur Cher

A superb goat’s milk cheese from the Berry region of France. It is strong and creamy with a wonderful aftertaste, and is lightly dusted with salted charcoal. (Goat, unpasteurised)

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